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Here’s how to get started:

1. Remember that new participants can come to one meeting for free.

2. When it’s time for paid sessions, choose one of the three payment plans below.

3. If you elect the “semester at a time” option, you can save a bit more money if you pay by check: the convener of your group can provide a mailing address. If you choose “one meeting at a time” or “three at a time” (or if you just prefer to pay online), click the appropriate button below to be taken to a shopping page. Credit- and debit-card transactions are handled by Stripe, a secure and widely used platform.

4. If the standard prices below would present an obstacle, inquire about our sliding-scale option via the same Contact form. (And if you can help balance things out by “sliding” the other way - donating a bit beyond the standard prices - that would be very welcome!)

One meeting at a time.


Any one meeting in the current term.

Three at a time.

(Save 15%.)

Any three meetings in the current term.

A semester at a time.

(Save 20-25%!)

Spring term prices:
Dante 22 mtgs $351 ($340 ck

Eucharist 8 mtgs $129 ($125 ck)

Graduated refunds:
75% within first three weeks,
50% in weeks four and five,
no refunds thereafter.